Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs

MAXtek is Oriented Strand Board (OSB) that is performance engineered and manufactured specifically as Facers for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs.)

Yes, MAXtek OSB is manufactured to meet the minimum requirements of “APA-The Engineered Wood Association” (APA) Product Reports PR-N610 and PR-N614.
MAXtek is produced at Tolko Industries Ltd., Meadow Lake Division in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan (APA mill #492.)
Tolko’s Athabasca Division in Slave Lake, Alberta (APA mill #514) is projected to begin producing MAXtek in mid-2015.
Yes, the Meadow Lake (APA mill #492) and Athabasca (APA mill #514) mills are both listed as qualified manufactures of OSB for use as Facing for SIPs on Master Report SIPA 120980-10.
PR-N610 is the minimum APA Product Report design specifications for 7/16” OSB to qualify as an approved Facing of SIPs on Master Report SIPA 120908-10.  PR-N614 is the minimum APA Product Report design specifications for Tolko Industries proprietary OSB Facers for SIPs.
The design values for MAXtek (PR-N614) are more stringint than the design values for PR-N610.

Yes, MAXtek will qualify for individual code listing reports with the proper documentation and testing with a qualified certifying agency.  Many SIPs manufactures already have MAXtek listed as an approved Facer for SIPs on their code reports.
Yes, this is a special run process and can be done if specified before running.
Yes, a fire retardant coating can be applied to MAXtek to achieve an ICC certified 20 minute thermal barrier (ICC ESR-1365.)  Contact us for more information.

Specifications FAQ’s

7/16” is the standard thickness.
Not as a SIPs grade, although 19/32” and 23/32” is available in 8’x24’ sizes in other grades. Contact us for more information on these thicknesses and sizes.
Standard production runs at the Meadow Lake plant are 4’x24’ (48”x289”) and 8’x24’ (96”x289”.)  MAXtek will be available in other lengths and widths once the Athabasca mill begins running MAXtek in mid-2015.  Watch for our announcement about this.
7/16"x4'x24':  45 sheets/unit

7/16"x8'x24':  24 sheets/unit & 15 sheets/unit
7/16"x4'x24':  45 sheets/unit @ 5800 lbs/unit

7/16"x8'x24':  24 sheets/unit @ 6200 lbs/unit & 15 sheets/unit @ 3900 lbs/unit
7/16"x4'x24':  7 units @ 45 sheets/unit

7/16"x8'x24':  6 units @ 24 sheets/unit & 1 unit @ 15 sheets/unit

Shipping FAQ’s

Each sheet is edge sealed , grade stamped, 2x4 stickered  and wrapped in woven-poly bags. Each load is then fully tarped so you can be assured it will arrive clean, dry and will yard well.

MAXtek is shipped by truck direct from the mill to your facility.
The Meadow Lake mill is not serviced by rail.  Athabasca will be able to load cars once it begins running MAXtek in mid-2015. 
Yes, both 4’x24’ and 8’x24’ can be mixed to your specifications.

Build Green FAQ’s

Yes, please contact us for details.
MAXtek has such low formaldehyde emission levels that it easily meets or is exempt from the world’s leading formaldehyde emission standards and regulations such as HUD and CARB.